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TPU Screen Protector for IPHONE X

TPU Screen Protector for IPHONE X

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Specification of this TPU Screen Protector for IPHONE X
IPHONE 5-7+ All Series Front Film + Back Film (Nano-explosion-proof film)
1. Anti-eye fatigue, anti-UV, glass screen protector,anti-melanin, protect eyesight
2. Unaffected by broken screens 3.0.25mm thickness, 360 degree bending, nanometer is more explosion-proof
4. The hardness of tempering treatment is up to 6H, and the external force is stronger, which can better protect the screen of the mobile phone. 5. The transmittance of high-definition is clear and the picture is clear and sharp.
6. Customized screen protector,Soft and wear-resistant, no cracking, no fear of oxidation, no yellowing
7. Flexibility does not break, care for your fingers
8. Not white
IPHONE 7/7+/8/8+ (nano explosion-proof membrane)
1. precision die cutting,The tempered film is broken for no reason, this film is not broken, the three-layer anti-explosion layer is effective for explosion-proof and does not break. 2. It is not broken, the resolution is 98%, the thickness is 0.2mm.
3. Anti-eye fatigue, anti-breaking rower, anti-melanin, protect eyesight
4. Explosion-proof anti-mite does not break the screen, anti-mite explosion-proof, easy to fit, not white
5. Due to the nano-polymer integrated molding explosion-proof index prompts 90%
6. Not a tempered film, better than a tempered film
7. Customized glass screen protector,Not white, soft and tough, can be bent 360 degrees, nano is more explosion-proof
8. Thinner, softer and more transparent
IPHONE 7/7+/8/8+ (water gel film soft tempered)
1. Whole body film before and after water condensation, scratch-resistant invisible bare metal feel
2. A total of three layers, the first layer, the middle layer, Customized protector for iphone x,the second layer
3. Apple body is particularly easy to oxidize, this film can effectively prevent cell phone oxidation, front and back film full screen coverage all inclusive, thickness 0.15mm, using 3M high viscosity, imported TPU material nano-coating slight scratches quickly and automatically repair, 360 degree protection Mobile phone, high-definition light transmission, explosion-proof, scratch-resistant, anti-oxidation, no cracking
4. Invisible bare film original machine is exactly the same, nano explosion-proof protection screen is not broken or cracked 5. Perfect fit arc is not white, not curled, close fit
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