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Why we need use smt splice tape from Comofaje

2019-08-10 14:01:45

Comofaje who have 16  years experience in SMT production line consumables,smt splice tape(tape connector), can bring the following advantages for the majority of electronic manufacturing enterprises:

1. Can greatly improve production efficiency.

2. Can greatly avoid material waste: avoid material too short to be used on the machine and throw away, can use all the remaining materials.

3.Can reduce machine feida mechanical consumption; Reduce the machine numerous stop, open, avoid feida frequent pull and other actions, can extend its service life.

4. Can avoid some man-made accidents caused by the switch cover.


SMT Splice Tape :Our company's material receiving products mainly have three series

1.SMT Single Splice Tape(Many models): Generally cooperate with the material receiving pliers, receiving material copper buckle use, skilled staff can also do not use the material receiving pliers and directly with four edge piece receiving tape adhesive tape, this kind of price is relatively cheap. SMT Single Splice Tape apply to 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm,32mm,44mm,to be customized.(Yellow,Blue,Black)

2.SMT Double Splice Tape(Many series)(Single and bilateral hole positioning): The two sides of the material receiving belt and the row hole of the material belt are completely corresponding to make the yellow material receiving belt correspond to the film of the material belt completely, so as to paste, the price is moderate. SMT Double Splice Tape apply to 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm,32mm,44mm,56mm, to be customized.(Yellow,Brown,Black,Blue)

3.All - round Splice Tape(Many series): Make the material receiving more reasonable and fast; Three edge material belt (panasonic special) changed the history of matsushita machine can not continue material, for the electronics manufacturing enterprises to create more benefits.SMT All - round Splice Tape apply to 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm.


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