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Two important meetings of Comofaje

2019-10-22 16:38:22

Last week some of the overseas sales in Comofaje took part in a training class about how to reply the inquiry. As a overseas sales, everyone can benefit a lot from this class including how to analyze a information from different ways and how to make your reply catch others attention. For example, before replying, we must first understand the background information of the inquiry company, including the buyer's business type, assets, purchasing ability, etc., and check whether the company is formal on the internet. In the inquiry, we can also infer the purchasing power by observing whether the query is specific and whether all the details are involved to determine whether the buyer is in the profession. Then we respond to the buyer’s needs.


On Friday, Comofaje company hold a meeting for staff to share the information and have a lively discussions to share experience with each other. After the training class, I think that every sales like a huge sponge, they need to keep learning and absorb all kinds of information little by little. Keep learning helps us better solve problems encountered in foreign trade.

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