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Different masks for sell

2020-08-03 10:57:52

Many countries, such as France, Britain and Germany, Iran and Australia, have implemented mandatory masks command,  next week the price of masks may increase, so it is a good choice to place order earlier.

Selection A: washable cotton anti dust face mask with pm2.5 filter

Our mask use pure cotton material, it is breathable. The nose clip and ear straps are easy to adjust. The use of our breathing valve mask is comfortable . Each mask has two filters, it contains activated carbon layer and filter cotton, which can better prevent pollution.

Selection B: electric smart mask

Intelligent humanized design, products include: under-voltage, over-current, over-voltage dual protection. Taking into account the user's various bad operations have taken protective measures, these are warm-hearted design invisible on the surface.Two-stage adjustment, click to start one stage, then press to open second stage, then press to turn off