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Comofaje hot sell product -safety shoes with steel toe cap

2019-09-23 16:43:44

This pair of black leather work shoes does more than just look great, they are also safety rated to prevent injury and damage to your feet. The mid-sole is reinforced with steel to prevent penetration by sharp objects on the ground. Steel toe-caps also provide protection from impacts of up to 200 joules.


The shoes is completely water proof, including the upper region, preventing liquid from getting into the shoes. That’s ideal for your comfort as well as for the health of your feet and your shoes. Liquids underfoot are no problem either, as the outer sole provides sufficient grip on slippery surfaces and is resistant to oil and other hydrocarbons.


Despite the thick soles and steel-reinforced properties of the shoes, they are surprisingly lightweight, keeping your comfort a top priority. The breathable mesh lining, also adds to your comfort levels, keeping your feet happy on the job. The appearance of the shoes is distinguished by premium grainy action leather, along with double stitching around the entire boot to finish it to the highest quality.Give your feet the protection and comfort that they deserve with these safety shoes.

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