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Shenzhen Comofaje Electronics Co., Ltd. Spring Festival holiday notice and new product express bag information

Shenzhen Comofaje Electronics Co., Ltd. Spring Festival holiday notice and new product express bag information

Our company will have the Spring Festival holiday from January 13th to January 28th. We will return to the office on January 29th. All the goods will continue to be shipped on January 29th.

The Spring Festival is the most grand traditional Chinese folk festival, it is a collection of good luck and disaster, entertainment and food as one of the folk festival. The Spring Festival has a long history. It evolved from praying at the beginning of the New Year in ancient times, carrying rich historical and cultural deposits in its inheritance and development.

Chinese New Year has a long history. In the process of inheritance and development, some relatively fixed customs have been formed, many of which are still passed on from generation to generation, such as buying New Year goods, sweeping the dust, pasting couplets, eating New Year's Eve dinner, keeping watch, worshipping the New Year, calling on the New Year, dragon and lion dancing, worshipping gods and ancestors, praying for good luck and fighting disasters, swimming gods, riding boats, temple fairs, swimming gongs and drums, vernier-flag, wine and appreciating lanterns, etc.

Express bag refers to the bag used by express industry to transport documents, documents, data, goods, etc. Also known as express bag, mail bag, express packing bag.

The classification of express bags is divided into express plastic bag, express document seal, express bubble bag, express bone bag, express woven bag and so on.

1. Express plastic bag material: low density polyethylene (LDPE) usually said PE, high density polyethylene (HDPE) usually said PO, express plastic bag has the advantages of low cost, light weight and so on.

The difference between PE and PO in express plastic bags :PE transparency, softness is better, printing color is brighter; PO has good mechanical properties. In China, PE is used as the main material for express bags, while in foreign countries, PE and PO are used as the main material for express bags.

There are two categories of polyethylene express bag in the market: one is the new material express bag, the other is the recycled material express bag

2. Express document seal material: generally with gray background white board, white card paper, cow card paper, mostly. The express industry generally uses paper weighing from 200g/㎡ to 450g/㎡. Compared with the express plastic bag, the express document seal has the advantages of smooth and easy to break.

3. Express bubble bag material: a transparent flexible packaging bag filled with air by the middle layer of the air cushion film. Mainly used in the express industry small size fragile, easy to damage, less precision goods packaging purposes. There are countless small bubbles in the bubble film, so it is light and elastic. It has good shock absorption, impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance and other advantages.

Express bags can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Especially when we buy some products online, express bags are often used to pack our goods. Therefore, express bags are inseparable from us.

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