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Type and use of earplugs

Type and use of earplugs

A small receiver that can be inserted into the ear, often used in radios and hearing AIDS. It can also be plugged into the ears to prevent water from entering the ears while swimming, and can also be used to reduce noise interference, namely noise-proof earplugs, sleep earplugs, etc.

Audio products
These earbuds, commonly known as earphones, are personal audio devices used for music on the walkman. According to the classification of its energy exchange mode, there are mainly moving coil mode, moving iron mode, electrostatic type and other magnetic type. From the structure of the separate way of classification, can be divided into semi-open and closed.

There are flat head type, ear-hanging type, in-ear type and headwear type. It can also be simply divided into earmuffs and earplugs.

Labor protection articles
Labor protection type noise prevention earplugs are generally made of silica gel or low pressure bubble mold material, high elastic polyester material. After being inserted into the ear canal, it is closely contacted with the outer ear canal to prevent sound from entering the middle ear and inner ear (eardrum), so as to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, thus protecting the hearing of workers. Labor protection type anti-noise earplug can prevent the discomfort of the eardrum caused by the sound of the machine. It has good anti-noise performance, but it is hard and has obvious distension and pain when wearing it. It is not suitable for sleep use. General labor protection earplugs are with rope, easy to remove at any time.

Articles for sleep
The principle of sleep earplugs is similar to anti-noise earplugs. In order to achieve the purpose of daily sleep comfort, it is made of soft and slow rebound materials, but the anti-noise performance can basically reach or even better than the level of silicone earplugs, so the quality is better than the general labor protection earplugs.

How to use?
1.Rub fine: Rub the earplugs into long strips. The finer the rub, the easier it is to wear.
2.Insert: Pull up the upper ear corner and insert two-thirds of the earplug into the ear canal.
3.Hold: Hold the earplug down for about 20 seconds until it expands and blocks the ear canal.
4.Pull out: When removing the earplug after use, gently rotate the earplug and pull it out.

Because sleep earplugs are worn for a long time, they have higher softness, better quality, and better noise reduction ability than ordinary earplugs, so as to ensure the quality of sleep.

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