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The characteristics of ESD sticky mat

The characteristics of ESD sticky mat

Sticky mat, also known as sticky dust floor glue, was first originated in South Korea, sticky mat is made of the latest technology and methods, environmental protection pressure sensitive water glue, can make the adhesive force of the entire surface of each layer of the sticky mat uniform. 

No glue, no smell, non-toxic. The sticky dust pad is mainly applied to the entrance and buffer zone of the clean space. It can effectively stick the dust on the sole and wheels, minimize the impact of dust on the clean environment quality, so as to achieve the effect of simple dust removal, and solve the problem that the dust removal of the other floor mat is not completely unable to ensure the dust does not expand. For easy use in the tear. Each layer is coated with a unique high or low viscosity adhesive product size for different locations.

Multi-layer, straight-edge sticky mat can quickly and effectively remove the dust carried by the wheels and soles of transportation tools, keep the environment clean, easy to use, the surface is contaminated, tear off the layer. Lightweight, easy to carry quickly and effectively eliminate the general range of static electricity. 

At the same time, more important is the sticky mat is mainly applied to stick on the need to the entrance of the dust purification space or buffer, it can effectively on the soles and wheels of the dust, to minimize dust to purify the environment quality, easy to achieve the effect of dust removal, the other mats dust removal is solved completely unable to ensure dust no problem. It is the first choice of electronic processing, prepress processing, plastic processing and other electrostatic power plant heavy harm site tools.

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