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Simple Understanding of SMT Stencil Clean Roll

Simple Understanding of SMT Stencil Clean Roll

SMT stencil clean roll is made of high quality wood pulp polyester spungwort nonwoves with excellent cleaning performance, good water and solvent adsorption, no burrs, no scratches on the printer surface, and high tensile strength. We can accept OEM and ODM.

1. Remove excess solder paste and red glue from the steel mesh and circuit board of the printing press for the electronics factory, keep the circuit board spotless, thus greatly reducing the rejection rate, and greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality. In order to improve the efficiency of customers, save money, effective control of consumption, according to the actual use, the width and length of the selected products.

2, Natural wood pulp surface and polyester surface organic combination, super cleaning ability and water absorption, liquid absorption;

3, Super tensile resistance, good flexibility;

4, Can be used with a variety of cleaning solutions.

5, A dust-free workshop to produce steel mesh wiping paper, avoid impurities into the roll paper, reduce the production process due to steel mesh wiping paper embedded impurities and resulting in printing defects;

6, Anti-static packaging, with strict anti-static requirements for electronic products; material:55% woodpulp & 45% polyester,non-woven fabric, suitable for SMT printing processes with automatic wiping function of various models;

7, Can be used for DEK, GKG, DSP, MPM, HTGD, YAMAHA, PANASONIC, MINAMI, JUKI, EKRA, FUJI, SANYO and other automatic printing models.

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