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Let's talk a little bit about finger cots

Let's talk a little bit about finger cots

Finger cover is usually made of natural latex or polyurethane material, it is also known as finger cover,usually in white, pink, black, brown, orange, flesh color, etc., is a widely used in industry, medical, life protective equipment.

Finger covers are divided into the following types:

Folding ordinary finger cots for life

1. Wear it when picking colored vegetables such as purple moss, hedgerows and nepeta to prevent hands from being stained by vegetable juice; When peeling peanuts, edamame and other food with shells, to prevent the hand from being worn out, wear;

2. Wear it in the bath after finger or toe injury to prevent water from entering the wound and infection;

3. Take discs, beads, etc., without fingerprints and sweat stains;

4. When wrapping goods in plastic bags, the mouth of the bag is not easy to be opened. It is easy to solve by wearing a finger sleeve.

Folding labor protection finger cots

1. When counting bills and distributing newspapers, wear them on your fingers. Your hands are not slippery, easy to count, and your hands are not dirty;

2. When writing with chalk on the blackboard, wear a finger sleeve on the thumb, index finger and middle finger to prevent the lime cost in chalk from burning fingers, very suitable for teachers to use;

3. Wear on hands when working to prevent skin pollution and allergy, and avoid skin abrasion and injury;

4. The finger sleeve with folds on the surface can improve friction and play an anti-slip role;

Folding medical finger sleeve

1. Protect medical staff from infection;

2. For rectal examination;

3. Used for anal plug medicine, etc.;

4. Emergency finger hemostasis;

Esd finger cots

Also known as conductive finger cover, avoid skin allergy, prevent the fingertip sweat pollution to the component, the fingertip is ultra-thin for flexible finger operation, and can safely release the operator of the static charge of the human body; Suitable for semiconductor industry, photoelectric industry and other work wear.

The storage of the finger sleeve must be low temperature, dry, avoid light and ventilation conditions to better storage, if the rubber material of the summer storage time is short.

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