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Application and characteristics of ESD smock

Application and characteristics of ESD smock

ESD smock is a cloth yarn containing a certain proportion of conductive yarn, conductive yarn is made of a certain proportion of stainless steel fiber or other conductive fiber and ordinary fiber blended. The corona discharge and leakage of the conductive fiber eliminate the static electricity on the garment. The antistatic cloth woven by it has stable electrical conductivity.

Classification of ESD smock

As is commonly known, ESD smock are divided into poly-cotton ESD smock and conductive silk ESD smock.

Polyester-cotton type
Poly-cotton ESD smock is comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to lose hair by sewing with a certain proportion, so the anti-static effect is excellent. The ESD smock is printed and dyed poly-cotton with 65/35 whole process, and woven into imported organic conductive fiber. High-grade poly-cotton work clothes fabric is finished by special process, which is comfortable, safe and reliable after wearing.

Type of conductive silk
Conductive silk ESD smock fabric is made of special polyester filament and high-performance permanent conductive fiber, the conductive fiber spacing is 5mm, striped, woven by special technology.

ESD smock features

1. Unisex.
2. Can effectively remove the static electricity generated by the human body, with permanent anti-static performance.
3. Advanced technology, special structure, clothing itself does not produce dust, no dust, with good anti-static and dust-proof performance.

4. Comfortable to wear and washable.

ESD smock is a kind of protective clothing commonly used in cleanroom. It can not only prevent dust and pollution, but also prevent static electricity to protect the staff from static interference.

In addition, there are ESD clothes, anti-static shoes, anti-static hats, a full set of anti-static clothing is a good helper to cleanroom.

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