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Advantages and usefulness of non-woven shoe cover

Advantages and usefulness of non-woven shoe cover

Disposable non-woven shoe covers are made of high quality non-woven material, it is a simple home factory dust configuration. It is suitable for purification workshop, precision electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital equipment factory, reception room, family, etc.

Used to isolate the pollution of human shoes to the production environment. At the same time, it is also suitable for home cleaning, saving the trouble of changing shoes at the door, and the embarrassment of taking off shoes. It can be used directly and can be reused!

Disposable non-woven shoe covers also bring us a lot of convenience.

1. Solve the problem that guests need to take off their shoes and change them when they visit. Slippers, doormats, floor fatigue!

2, To prevent the personal slippers into public slippers, to eliminate the slippers brought by the cross infection of athlete's foot spread hidden danger!

3, Reduce the trouble of constantly cleaning and mopping the floor, can effectively keep the indoor clean!

4, Improve the change of shoes emit a variety of bad smell, pollution indoor environment

5, To avoid relatives and friends when visiting the door due to broken socks or foot odor caused by restraint and embarrassment

6, Eliminate from the distant visitors need to take off shoes for shoes, and do not understand the annoyance of the master!

7, Put an end to the visit of many guests, slippers are not enough, the trouble of changing shoes!

Non-woven shoe covers advantages:
1) Air ventilation   2) Filter                          3) Thermal insulation        4) Water absorption

5) Waterproof      6) Stretchability              7) unshaggy                     8) Feel good and soft 

9) lightness         10) Elastic and recoverable        11) No direction of cloth                                            

12) Compared with textile cloth high production speed       13) Low price, can be mass produced and so on. 

14) Fixed size, not easy to deformation

In addition to non-woven shoe covers, we also have silicone shoe covers, plastic shoe covers, PVC shoe covers, PE shoe covers and so on.

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