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The first dinner for Comofaje family 2020

2020-06-08 15:54:16

2020 is a special year for everyone. A special Spring festival for every Chinese, a special winter holiday for students, and a special season for every business men. From work at home to work in the office, we had through a hard time because of COVID-19.

After the efforts of the whole company, the company's production and sales have gradually recovered from March. In order to thank all employees of the company for their dedication and encourage employees to work actively, the company held its first dinner party this year on Friday night.

Through this dinner event, the employees of Comofaje Co., Ltd. deepened the feelings of colleagues and promoted the communication and cooperation between the teams. At the same time, they let everyone relax from the stressful work, relax the body and mind, and go with a better spirit in the future. Invest in every day's work. In addition to expressing our sincere gratitude, we will remember that we will never back down in the face of difficulties and add luster to the company.