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Latest safety protective electric smart mask

2020-06-15 15:17:55

Today i will recommend a new masks for our friends from both home and abroad.

  1. Two-stage wind power adjustment, it can be used continuously for about 5-7 hours when setting the first gear wind power, and can be used continuously for about 4-6 hours when setting the second gear wind power. The electric exhaust fan has a weak sound and can work continuously with stable quality.
  2. The filter is made of velvet cloth which can absorb moisture and moisture. It can be used to remove the water vapor exhaled from the mouth and nose when it is cold for a short period of time. The combined filter is replaceable and suitable for repeated use.
  3. The battery comes with a short-circuit protection board, which can automatically return to normal use in about 6-8 seconds after a short circuit.
  4. Intelligent humanized design, products include: under-voltage, over-current, over-voltage dual protection. Taking into account the user's various bad operations have taken protective measures, these are warm-hearted design invisible on the surface.