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What are the environmental impacts of Australian wildfires

2020-01-18 14:13:12

Australia's wildfires have been burning for three months, and the us national aeronautics and space administration (NASA) says Australian wildfire smog will travel around the earth at least once.

On January 8, NASA said the smog had circled the earth halfway across South America and would return to Australia in the coming days.

The agency also said the mountain fire haze had caused serious air quality problems in New Zealand, with "significant mountain snow darkening."

Australian wildfire smog will circle the earth

Australia's wildfires have burned more than 11.2 million hectares of land so far, about half the size of the United Kingdom.

Australia's wildfires have been burning for months, destroying more than 2,000 homes and causing hundreds of blazes across the country that have killed 28 people.


Australian open players find it hard to breathe in smoggy conditions caused by fires in Australia


The first qualifying match for the Australian open was originally scheduled for 10am Australian time at Melbourne park, but due to the heavy smog in Melbourne, the Australian open organisers announced the match would be postponed to 11am.

Meanwhile, Slovenia's jakupovic was forced to suspend his afternoon qualifying match after suffering breathing difficulties and coughing.

Yakupovic was unable to play.

The Australian open tennis classic, a traditional warm-up event, was also hit hard by smog, forcing maria sharapova to halt her match with Germany's gerhard sigmund in the second set.

After communicating with the competitors of both sides, the event organizer announced the early end of the competition.

Melbourne's air quality on Saturday was "heavily polluted", according to Victoria's environmental protection agency.

The Australian open organisers said on Thursday they would liaise with the Australian bureau of meteorology and Victoria's environmental protection agency to monitor air quality.

They treat smoggy weather as if it were hot or rainy, and put the health of competitors, spectators and staff first.


How to protect yourself in the haze?

1. A face mask is a must when going out

It is necessary to wear a mask in hazy weather, because the main entrance of haze into human body is nose and mouth.

Wearing a mask can prevent it from entering the body and causing damage.

However, not all masks can protect against smog.

The usual mask is not able to protect against the haze.

Even so-called "PM2.5 masks" are useless.

Only nationally certified masks are best.

2. We must take measures to prevent haze at home

Although opening a window to let the air flow is more healthy common sense, but, in the haze days or as little as possible to open a window, if you feel uncomfortable, you can choose a light period of fog and haze slightly open the window, the window to put some vegetation as far as possible, vegetation has the role of adsorption fog and haze.

Plants can reduce the invasion of haze when we open Windows.

If conditions allow, you can buy a smog purifier, can purify the air in the home.

However, in the use of the purifier to know some just, the intensity of the purifier to moderate, not the bigger the better, to regularly clean the purifier, do not try to open without haze.

Do not put the purifier too close to the wall or people, try to put higher and so on.

Clad note

It is better not to hang the clothes outside in the fog and haze, because the fog and haze are easy to adsorb on the clothes, so that we will be exposed to certain harm when dressing.

Dry the clothes as much as possible by other means and hang them indoors.

Come back from outside, had better pat the haze dust on the body in the doorway, want to change a suit of clean clothings as soon as possible after entering a home, the clothings that change to come down is washed in time clean, want to undertake disinfection to wait for processing.Unless the smog is really bad and you stay out too long.

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