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Comofaje hot sell product Winter Boots plush cotton lining safety shoes with steel toe cap and steel sole

2019-10-29 17:24:46

Time past so fast and winter is coming now. As we all know winter is a very cold very cold season, today i will introduce a very good thing for these outdoor workers from different industries.

It is the best-selling safety shoe in the winter of 2019

Anti-smash, anti-puncture style: mainly applicable to automobile manufacturing, construction sites, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, steel smelting and other industries. Comfortable and warm liner is suitable for cold weather,walk comfortably and do not whet the foot. The upper part of the shoe is equipped with steel plate embedded in the sole, which can resist the pressure of the car or the foot of the nail will not be hurt and can play a 360-degree protection role to the foot.

This shoes can not only protect your feet from the hurt of any hard and keen-edged things, it can also keep your feet away from cold during the cold winter months.

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