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ESD Aluminium Foil Bag

1. High humidity is known to cause problems with electronic parts and components, however compliance with RoHS standards has raised awareness of moisture issues and seen a huge increase in the use of moisture barrier bags
2. Use of unleaded solder in the manufacturing process requires much higher temperatures and therefore increased humidity levels, this means that manufacturers are having to provide better preventative measures, not only enclosing the parts in moisture barrier material but also allowing the removal of moisture laden air (VAC packaging)
3. Labels and artwork on these barrier bags indicate the special nature of its contents as well as the age and re-baking procedures
4. To protect electronics from moisture and static damage
5. The bags are opaque and light tight ensuring the inside item cannot been seen from outside
6. Applicable to pack electronic products which are sensitive to moisture and static, such as PCBs, integrated circuits.
7. Available in three layer or four layer structures
8. Firm lamination and hot sealing offers superior resistance of vapor and oxygen
9. Flexible structure and easy to vacuum seal
10. EMI shielding, meets requirements of MIL-PRF-81705D type 1
11. Customized printing and style (flat/folding/cubic/zip lock bag) is available
12. Available in 3.6/4.4 and 6.1mil thicknesses, other thickness also could be customized according to certain quantity
13. Minimum order quantities will apply for some sizes
14. Surface resistance: 106-1011
15. Can be vacuum sealed for dry packaging applications
16. TOPCOD could produce moisture barrier bag to meet 3M's different physical properties and electrical properties standard
17. WVTR: <0.03G (m^2.24H)
18. Puncture strength: >100N

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Produk Beskrywing

Plek van Oorsprong:

China, Dongguan

Brand Naam:


Model nommer:

ESD A-foil bag



Minimum Bestel Hoeveelheid:

100 stuks



Verpakking Details:

Package by Carton, normally 100-200pcs/pack, then 2000pcs/carton, normal according to the size of the bag

Delivery Tyd:

7days na betaling ontvang


T / T vooruit, L / C

Toevoer Vermoë:

100000 boxes per weeks

Vinnige besonderhede:

produk se naam Antistatiese Aluminiumfolie Sak
materiaal aluminiumfoelie
Industriële gebruik: SBS industriële verpakking
Feature: Antistatiese, versperring
Oppervlak Hantering: Screen Printing
Oppervlak weerstand: 10e6-10e11ohms
Verseëling & Hanteer: Hitte Seël
Custom Bestel: aanvaar
Kleur: silwer
Dikte: 0.08-0.25mm
grootte: Maat grootte
Druk: Silk Screen
Dikte: 0.03-0.15mm
styl: Zip Lock / Open top
Sertifikaat: ROHS

To Package the Electronic Components, such as PCB Boards, LED products, Computer hardware ect.

* Standaard dikte 0.074mm
* Oop bo
* Oop van die kleiner kant
* Twee of drie kante 5mm seël
* Rits van die oop top 15mm


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T0195-SMT Panasonic spalkband met skerp
T0193-SMT spesiale spalkband vir Juki
T0192-SMT Universele splitsband met 8-gate vir alle SMT-masjiene
T0190-SMT dubbel spalkband vir Panasonic
T0189-SMT splytband met messing clip vir alle SBS-masjiene
T0188-SMT spalkband met gidslyn vir alle SBS-masjiene
T0185-SMT Splice Cover Band Extender
T0184-SMT AI splytband vir AI draerband
T0183-SMT enkelspyskaart vir alle SBS-masjiene
T0182-SMT dubbelspyskaart vir alle SBS-tipe masjiene
T0181-SMT enkelspyskaart vir Siemens
T0172-SMT outomatiese splitsband met reaksie vir FUJI NXT
T0171-SMT dubbel spalkband met skerp vir Samsung
S0281E-SMT krammaker raam clips
S0281A-SMT individuele splitsing clips
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F0382F-SMT splits cutter
F0382E-SMT splytgereedskap
F0382B-SMT posisionering snyer met tand
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F0381D-SMT plier splice tool
F0381A-Siemens splice clamp
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